Contact your local Paul Revere's Pizza for fundraising program options. Fundraising programs available at participating locations only.

Paul Revere's Pizza offers several different and exciting fundraising and incentive programs. These programs are available to a variety of groups, from Booster Clubs to Businesses to Church Groups to Sports Teams.

Frozen Pizza Programs

  • All selling and promotional materials provided
  • Six varieties of pizza to choose from
  • All pizzas made fresh, packaged and frozen by Paul Revere's Pizza
  • Pizza delivered to your distribution area
  • Low cost, low effort, high return

Double Value Cards

  • Invest no money, only a little time
  • Cards almost sell themselves
  • Cards sell for $10, you keep $5
  • Customer gets 10 FREE Pizzas, with purchase of another
  • Tested & proven in sample market areas
  • Paul Revere's picks up printing cost on cards

Pizza By The Slice

  • Cut rate discounts for Pizza By The Slice events.
  • Warmers, napkins, slice wrappers and pizza provided by Paul Revere's
  • Pizza and all materials delivered to selling area by Paul Revere's
  • All you provide is the manpower
  • Hand out slices, bring in the dollars!

Rebate Sales

  • Your group requests a date
  • Paul Revere's donates a percentage of that days' business
  • Advertise your night and the rest is up to us

Volume Pizza Discount

  • Substantial discounts for large groups
  • Pizzas made fresh to order
  • Warmer, plates & napkins provided if needed
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